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When my 50th birthday was approaching, I couldn’t remember a time I’d felt really in love with life. Maybe the brief time I spent travelling and living abroad with my six children, but even those precious days included the heartache and disappointments of putting my dreams on hold, first to become a CPA and later an M.D. As the years passed, my inner voice cried out for the dream life I held in my heart.  Why was I so stuck? As a single mom, I always instilled in my kids the importance of listening to those inner voices, finding the thing that lights you up and makes you fall in love with your life. But it was becoming clear I needed to heed my own advice....

I’m Liesa Harte and I can help you transform your life today. Stop Waiting and Start Living.  

In the past five years, I have studied and trained with Brendan Burchard, David Neagle, Fabienne Fredrickson, Jeff Walker, Angelique Rewers, Gina DeVee,  Jason Nyback, and Jessica Caver Lindholm in various certification programs, masterminds, coaching programs, and one-on-one experiences.  I have invested well over $100,000 in these trainings and I bring you the best of everything I have learned.


Liesa’s life story is a wealth of imagination and adventure to inspire any woman to stick her nose up at convention and live her biggest possible story. She has done things other people would never dream of doing, with a grin and a unique fearless flare. Every woman needs to talk to Liesa.
— Liivi Hess, Freedom Lifestyle Success Coach,

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Are you ready to transform your life? Ready to explore your unique personal and professional experiences and use them to build a business and lifestyle that offers you total freedom? I help professional women forge a path and a plan to a life that financially sustains them and truly inspires them. If you want to spend the next decades of your life on a high note, then let’s connect. 


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Liesa knows exactly what it takes to be successful. She smiles with her eyes and listens with her heart. Her education, expertise, and life experience says it all. She only works with the best and wants the best for you. Liesa knows the way so let her get you there. Hands down, Liesa is the coach for you.
— Valerie Luckett Transformational Coach
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